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Provenos is an Internet Gateway and Billing System that provide service for hotels, apartments, colleges with a comprehensive set of managed Wi-Fi features at a competitive price, featured, intuitive, and complete Linux-based managed service platform for configuration. With Provenos, user authentication, policy assignment, traffic shaping, firewall features and much more are packaged in a single box.

Provenos provides network administrators with a reliable, easy-to-use, and centralized management console for an entire organization’s wireless network infrastructure. It provides a unique collection of automated and customizable facilities not found in other management platforms. These include an automated and customizable dashboard for you to apply your network management, monitoring AP’s, auto-scheduling to maintain AP performance, other streaming devices, trending reports and detailed client data for planning and troubleshooting and comprehensive logs management.


"Build loyalty by giving your hotel guests great connection."

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System Dashboard
Real Time Network Graphic Chart (2 Modes)
Traffic Volume Reports
Concurrent Connected Devices Monitoring
Active Sessions List
Hardware Status
Plan Management
Meeting Room
Premium Services
Back of House (BOH)
VIP Access (Hotel Manager, Managements)
Other Plans
Business Schemes
Quota Package Types Times Based,
Fair Usage Policy (FUP)
Times Based,
Fair Usage Policy (FUP)
Upgradeable Package Plan
Integrated to Hotel PMS and Billing system
Occupied Based Billing System
Premium Services / Upgrade
Meeting Room (One-Click Registration)
Independent Billing Reports
Login Management
Package Upgrade (On the Fly)
Room Transfer Compatibility
Check-in Tolerance Features
Early Check-out Features
Zero Configuration Feature
QR Code Scan2Go Features
Access Point Integration
Supporting Brands Aruba, Cisco Meraki, Ruckus, Ubiquiti, Engenius Aruba, Cisco Meraki, Ruckus, Ubiquiti, Engenius
Free WiFi Account Management
Autodiscovery Remote Access Point Feature
Client Isolation Feature
Tunneled AP management VLAN
Regular Maintenance Scheduling
System Management
Browser based configuration
Administrator accounts Multiple Level Access Privileges,
User Activity History
Multiple Level Access Privileges,
User Activity History
System time NTP Synchronization,
Manual Configuration
NTP Synchronization,
Manual Configuration
Configuration Backup and restore
Branded Captive Portals
Device Mobility
Flexibility and Fast Roaming Between Access Points
Mobile Device Recognition For Optimized Captive Portal
Multiple Device Logins Per Account
Concurrent Session limit
Advanced Features
Monthly Traffic Reporting Standard Report Professional Report
Advanced Traffic Analytics, Usage and Reports
Group Policies Features
Uplink traffic analytics
Traffic Destination Management
Historical Connectivity Data
Realtime Network Usage

"Provenos provides all the features required for access control, customized portal branding, user provisioning, login as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google account, MAC binding, bandwidth control, legal compliance, policy management, usage monitoring, QR code single login, content filtering, month to date data usage reporting and much more."


We Provide Solutions

Network Health Check

Designed For Capacity As Well As Coverage

Provenos Professional design takes into account capacity as well as coverage. Covering the areas where you need signal is relatively easy to do and definitely part of the equation. However, coverage just isn’t enough, today you need context and that means capacity.

An optimally designed wireless network takes into account the different kinds and amount of devices being used as well as the applications being run on those devices.

An experienced hotel wireless solution doesn’t just add more access points and hope for the best. Word to the wise, just throwing up more access points can actually create more issues and end up putting a hurting on your pockets.

Continuous Performance Monitoring

It’s important to think about your wireless network as a living organism. Just like you need to go to the Doctor for yearly check-up to make sure everything is running properly; your wireless network needs routine check-ups to support its health.

Just like a medical lab report, gives you your results, and manages your illnesses; your WLAN design should incorporate an NMS (network management system) that actively monitors in real-time what's happening on your network.

Provenos Professional will have features that can present the data in various forms such as RF "heat maps", client locations, movement tracking, and other detailed reporting. Usage data like this allows you to make adjustments when necessary and allows you to prevent smaller issues turning into larger ones by speeding up troubleshooting time or avoiding it all together.

"Provenos system is bundled with the PMS Interface, which leverages existing hotel infrastructure while improving efficiency"

Network Management Service

Businesses in the hospitality sector can now improve their bottom line by upgrading their network management and monitoring system to a cost-effective Provenos system. Not only does the migration to Provenos system save on internal company Internet cost and improve efficiencies by integrating with the business data network, the complete Provenos solution leverages existing infrastructure, and is compatible with the leading PMS (Property Management System) packages.

Public WiFi

Provenos can be widely deployed in hotels, apartments, shopping malls, conference centers, schools or colleges, retail shops and other public venues for managing Wi-Fi hotspots. Similarly, it can be deployed as a BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) appliance in offices and enterprises for controlling and monitoring access of private devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, android boxes and PCs in the workplace. Provenos is available in a wide range of models that support between 50 concurrent users to more than 2000 users to cater to different needs of the market. It’s a complete management platform for building, managing enterprise, telecommunication, and Telco’s operator WiFi service infrastructures.

"Provenos widely deployed in hotels, apartments, shopping malls, conference centers, schools or colleges, retail shops and other public venues for managing Wi-Fi hotspots."


PROVENOS is proud to partner with leading ISPs and System Integrators to provide best solutions to our customers. We also work with several resellers across Singapore and Indonesia to bring our products and services to your projects.


Our resellers work closely with our customers from respective countries, understand their requirements and help them implement a hotspot management system

Solution Partners

Our solution and integration partner help you plan, install and setup your WiFi networks with our management solution

Platform Partners

Platform partners work with us to provide seamless connectivity on any system platform across multiple venues so our customers get better and wider services.

PROVENOS is always looking for good companies and individuals who are interested in collaborating with us to enhance each other's products and services. If you represent one of the following companies or are interested in partnering with us, please fill out the partner application form or contact our representatives.


Client's Testimonial

  • Provenos Network Management Service uncovered significant savings and efficiencies!

    “Provenos team has the added expertise, positive carrier relationships and industry knowledge to ensure our hotel network are managed, controlled and tracked effectively moving forward.”

    Erwin Juardi
    GTV Hotel & Serviced Apartment

  • They see a problem before we do, so our guest are almost never impacted with unnecessary down time.

    "Provenos team also monitors our network and devices, so there are never any surprises. They see a problem before we do, so our users are almost never impacted with unnecessary down time.”

    Edwin Aryanto
    Artotel Indonesia

  • Provenos Managed Services has proven to be cost-effective, efficient and stress-free!

    “As a Hotel Manager, I am heavily involved in all internal systems and operations within the company. Over many years of tremendous growth for our company, Managed service by Provenos professional has proven to be a cost-effective, efficient and stress-free way for us to manage our IT needs.”

    Dasep S Bharly
    PrimeBiz Hotel Karawang

  • Provenos team work with us and explain everything!

    “We had never had a management service vendor support for our network before so we did not know what to expect. Provenos team worked with us and explained everything. We have been working together for a few years now and are very happy with the Provenos management service. They assist us in special projects at times that are out of the ordinary. They find the needed information and come up with the best solution that fit our needs to get the job done.”

    Taufiq Djudien
    PrimeBiz Hotel Cikarang

  • The differentiating factor, in comparison to other Managed services vendor business models, is Provenos model!

    “Provenos changed internet cost paradigm from a flat monthly opex to occupied based model. Running hotel business, you never know that what time is a issue come out. Don’t worry as our experience they are 24 hour ready to support you. Because of this model, we spend less time and money trying to figure out the answer on our own, and we leave it to the experts to resolve it quickly and more efficiently. I would highly recommend Provenos Professional managed services."

    Pipit Ariwitanto
    Golden Tulip Pontianak

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